Your Doula Experience


Your Postpartum Doula Experience


First, take a deep breath in, drop your shoulders, and slowly let that breath all the way out.

Now, look down at the precious baby in your arms and look up at the Michigan Family Doula that is handing you a fresh glass of water. To anyone else, it would seem as if she is simply handing you a beverage, but what you see in her eyes is absolute affirmation.

Affirmation that you as a brand new parent are doing everything right.

Congratulations, you’re having a baby!
Detroit Postpartum Doulas

Let us paint a picture for you...

Your postpartum doula has arrived. We sit down beside you and show you how your baby’s adorable movements are actually an early sign of hunger. We help you get comfortable so that he can latch at your breast or we can prepare a bottle for him together.

Your baby's successful feeding satisfies both your heart, and your baby’s hunger. Before you even notice that you’re hungry, we are in the kitchen preparing you a snack.

Later, after washing the dishes, we find you feeling frustrated as you try to comfort your fussy baby. We look at you with an affirming nod and smile. You remember that everything you're feeling is normal, and you feel fully supported in finding your way as a new parent.

It's like magic!

It's doula magic, and you are so wise for hiring a doula!

Detroit Postpartum Doula Agency

Your baby settles in for a nap and somehow with very little prompting, you share with your postpartum doula how you’re feeling. I mean how you are really feeling.

You talk about feelings of inadequacy and you even let on that you’re not always sure what you’re doing… Or even why you are sometimes…

Your doula somehow is able to normalize this for you and a half hour later you feel as if all is right in the world.

You feel proud! Proud of yourself. Proud of your baby. Proud of your early parenting abilities!

And extra proud of your decision to hire a magical doula from Michigan Family Doulas!