A DIY Guide to Photographing Your Newborn

Creating DIY newborn photos at home can be a fun way to bond with your baby and capture precious moments. Start by selecting a room with ample natural light to create a soft and flattering ambiance. If possible, choose a time when the room is naturally well-lit.

Keep the setup simple by using blankets, swaddles, or textured fabrics as backdrops. Neutral tones work well to highlight the baby’s features without distractions. Arrange these materials on a flat surface, like a bed or a soft rug, ensuring a comfortable space for both the newborn and the photographer.

Utilize household items as props, such as baskets, hats, or blankets, to add a personal touch. Incorporate items with sentimental value, like a cherished stuffed animal or a handmade blanket, to enhance the emotional connection in the photos. But listen….if you try to photograph your baby without clothing, be prepared to be pooped and peed on. So maybe don’t use that ‘dry-clean-only’ blanket or stuffed animal.

Patience is essential, as newborns may need breaks for feeding, changing, or soothing. Use these pauses to capture candid moments, showcasing the baby’s natural expressions and interactions with family members. Frankly, the candid photos are the one’s you’ll cherish for the rest of your days!

Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering shots of your newborn. Get up close to capture tiny details, like fingers and toes, while also incorporating wider shots to showcase the baby in their environment. Consider using the “burst” mode on your camera to capture a series of shots, increasing the chances of getting that perfect moment.

While a professional camera can enhance image quality, modern smartphones also have impressive cameras. Take advantage of your phone’s capabilities, ensuring it’s set to the highest resolution and using features like portrait mode to create a pleasing depth of field as you capture those early, adorable newborn moments.

Post-processing can be done using various apps or software to enhance colors, adjust lighting, and retouch minor imperfections. You can make this your own and print these photos with an aura and feel that resonates with you.

When you have a Michigan Family Doula onboard it helps pave the way for more time spent with your baby doing the things you want to do!  In the end, DIY newborn photos are a heartfelt way to document the early days of your newborn baby’s life. Embrace the simplicity, focus on the genuine moments, and enjoy the process of creating lasting memories within the comfort of your own home. Plus, if baby poops on you during this photo shoot, you’ll be home and can easily clean that right up!

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