Detroit Motor City bad-to-the-bone broth

This is one of my favorite recipes to make in the chilly months of the year here in Michigan. But, apart from that, it’s just one of the most nutritious, easy things you can eat in the days and weeks postpartum. And you can drink it one handed while you hold your baby in your…

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The Golden Hour

You might know what the ‘Golden Hour’ is in the context of medicine(that critical time when getting treatment or medicine on board will have more benefits and potentially save a life)….many of our clients and students speak this language fluently. But, do you know what the golden hour after birth is? Well, let’s hear this…

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Tree Town Taco Tuesday!

This is a super easy, crowd pleasing, home-run recipe. It’s great on a Tuesday (or any day) because it’s a fast meal that everyone can customize to their likes. It packs plenty of protein, good fats, carbs and extra fiber. Yes, you need that. Trust me….you need that. Ingredients: 1lb ground turkey (choose organic), 1…

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When To Hire a Postpartum Doula

So when should you hire a postpartum doula? The bigger question is-what IS postpartum doula support? The bigger question needs to be answered first-what IS postpartum doula support?  According to the American Pregnancy Association, ‘a postpartum doula provides evidence based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, infant soothing,…

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West Bloomfield Chocolate Cherry Oats

Really just the best dang oats ever! This was most definitely a win…. So you all get to benefit from my experimentation in the kitchen. I hope you’ll check it out!  Whether you’re recovering postpartum or you’re a year, two or 10 out from having your babies. Or, you’ve never had babies and you just…

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What is a baby nurse vs a postpartum doula?

Baby Nurse

What is a ‘baby nurse’ anyway?  Many families are familiar with the concept of a night nurse or baby nurse. But what are baby nurses and why would someone want to hire one for their family? The term ‘baby nurse’ really is interesting, because the person acting in this role is not an RN/LPN (a…

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Virtual Postpartum Group Support

postpartum support groups

Love in the Time of Cholera…..This is the name of a movie from 2007 with Javier Bardem. Although were not dealing with Cholera now, what we are facing is much worse and much more contagious. We are all on lockdown in quarantine….rules in the hospitals have changed and birthing families can’t have doulas present with…

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Sweet treats

Sweet Treats Postpartum

The beauty of this treat is that it’s just slightly sweet because of the blueberries….but there is no sugar and NO guilt! Plus, your immune system will be happy. This is currently my favorite guilty pleasure Ingredients: 1C organic, GF quick cooking oats 1C shredded, no sugar added raw coconut 1Tbsp ground flax seed 1tsp…

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Postpartum Mood Disorders During COVID-19

postpartum depression covid

This can be a really stressful time for everyone. ESPECIALLY if you’re getting ready to welcome a new baby into the family. The extra anxiety of not knowing if you will be exposed to the virus in the hospital….will your partner be able to be present with you….can your doula, who you have gotten to…

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Meet the Doula (Agency Owner) Jodi Long

JODI LONG postpartum doula

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specialist, Nutritionist & Childbirth Educator Jodi has been actively working as a birth and postpartum doula since 1999. She is a clinical nutritionist and Bradley Method educator as well as an RYT 200 yoga instructor. Jodi is passionate about women’s health throughout their reproductive life cycle.  Jodi…

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