New Family Tips

Bedtime Bliss: Unlocking the Power of Nighttime Routines for Both You and Baby

By Jodi Graves | February 6, 2024

Having a nighttime routine with a new baby can make a huge difference in your sleep quality and your mood. A nighttime routine can help your baby wind down, relax, and fall asleep faster. It can also help you feel more prepared, calm, and confident as a parent. But creating a nighttime routine with a…

Safeguarding Your Baby’s Sleep During Flu Season: A Guide for Parents

By Jodi Graves | January 27, 2024

When your baby has a stuffy nose due to the flu, adapting safe sleep practices becomes paramount. Here’s a guide to ensure your baby sleeps soundly and safely during the flu season. 1. Do NOT elevate the head of the bed Elevating your baby’s head slightly by placing a small pillow or folded towel under…

A DIY Guide to Photographing Your Newborn

By Jodi Graves | January 19, 2024

Creating DIY newborn photos at home can be a fun way to bond with your baby and capture precious moments. Start by selecting a room with ample natural light to create a soft and flattering ambiance. If possible, choose a time when the room is naturally well-lit. Keep the setup simple by using blankets, swaddles,…

Bringing Your Baby Home to Your Fur Baby (your pet)

By Jodi Graves | January 16, 2024

Bringing a newborn into a home with pets is a joyous occasion that requires thoughtful planning and consideration. Here are 10 essential tips to ensure a smooth and harmonious transition for both your four-legged friends and your newest family member-your baby. 1. Gradual Introduction to your baby: ¬†Begin by gradually introducing your pets to the…

The Unspoken Realities of Breastfeeding: What I Wish I Knew

By Jodi Graves | January 5, 2024

Breastfeeding, a sometimes beautiful yet almost always challenging journey that many new parents embark on, holds a myriad of unspoken truths. Beyond the serene images of bonding and nourishment lie the untold tales that every parent wishes they knew before stepping into the realm of nursing. 1. Latch Woes: It’s Not as Instinctive as You…

The Bare Minimum 5-5-5 Postpartum Rule

By Jodi Graves | July 25, 2023

Welcoming a newborn baby into the world brings significant physical and emotional changes for the new mom/birthing person. And folks, this can literally be the understatement of the century for some people. The postpartum period, often referred to as the “fourth trimester,” is a crucial time of healing and bonding. To help ease this transition,…

All you’ll ever need to know about skin-to-skin with your newborn baby

By Jodi Graves | July 6, 2023

Welcoming a newborn into the world is a precious and life-altering experience. Amidst the joy and wonder, it is crucial to prioritize the well-being of the baby. One practice that has finally gained universal recognition for its numerous benefits is skin-to-skin contact. In this blog, we will explore why this simple act holds immense significance…

Take our PRIVATE Childbirth Class

By Jodi Graves | June 30, 2023

Say what? A private class? Yes, please–sign me up!!! While group classes are widely available, private childbirth education classes offer a range of unique benefits that can greatly benefit expecting parents. In this blog post, we will explore the advantages of our private childbirth education classes. Private childbirth education classes provide a one-on-one learning experience…

detroit birth doula services

Why Should I Hire a Birth Doula?

By Jodi Graves | June 18, 2023

The decision to have a birth doula present during labor and delivery is a choice that many expectant parents find immensely beneficial. A birth doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional, and informational support to the laboring person and their partner throughout the childbirth journey. Let’s explore some of the key benefits…

Our ‘Infant Feeding 101’ class

By Jodi Graves | June 13, 2023

Welcoming a newborn into the world is an exciting and joyful experience, but it also comes with a set of challenges, especially when it comes to infant feeding. As a parent, you want to ensure your baby receives the best possible nutrition for their healthy growth and development. In this blog, we’ll explore the fundamentals…