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Canton Postpartum Doulas


Are you having a baby in Canton, MI?

A heartfelt thanks for exploring our website! Our team at Michigan Family Doulas takes immense pride in assisting families throughout Michigan. It’s a privilege to provide Canton with our services ranging from birth support to comprehensive postpartum and newborn care, ensuring you have the help you need, day or night.

Having your baby in Canton? These are just a few of our favorite resources in the area for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


If you’re residing in Canton and considering where to give birth, the University of Michigan Von Voightlander Women’s Hospital & Birth Center should be at the top of your list! Renowned for their commitment to evidence-based care, the midwifery team there is exceptional.

It’s acclaimed as one of the premier birthing centers in Southeast Michigan, offering you the assurance of body autonomy, evidence-based support, and the right to informed medical consent—all essential for a positive birthing experience. And if a water birth is what you desire, the UM Midwives are unmatched in their expertise. This facility isn’t just unique; it’s a treasure within our community.

The Ascension Providence Hospital Novi Birthing Center, conveniently located near Canton, offers a nurturing environment for childbirth with personalized care and an experienced medical team. It provides 24/7 emergency services, specialized support for high-risk pregnancies, and a NICU.

Additionally, the center offers valuable resources like breastfeeding support and childbirth classes, making it an excellent choice for expectant parents in the area.




We proudly offer our own virtual Childbirth Education classes. Whether you have ample time or just a little, we have both a full course and an express option to suit your lifestyle.

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This is a one session baby care course, also offered totally virtually. We cover everything from parenting styles to soothing and diapering, safe sleep and so much more!

Newborn Care Class with Michigan Family Doulas

Newborn Care Class with Michigan Family Doulas


Prioritize your comfort while expecting by choosing an excellent yoga or stretching regimen. If you’re seasoned in yoga, you may not need a specialized prenatal class. Also, treat yourself to the delights of prenatal massage.

A couple of studios we like in the Canton area include:

White Buffalo
Sia Yoga’s YoMama class


Here are a few Lactation Consultants we recommend that serve SE Michigan.
If you’re looking for Lactation Consultants around Canton, we have a list of recommended professionals. Be aware that they are quite sought-after, so there might be a wait. However, if you need prompt support, the Infant Feeding Specialists at MICHIGAN FAMILY DOULAS are available to help with any feeding difficulties you’re experiencing.



As you await your newborn or adjust to your growing family, our compassionate doulas at Michigan Family Doulas in Canton stand ready to provide the support and guidance you need during this transformative time.

At Michigan Family Doulas, we understand that bringing a new life into the world is a profound and transformative experience. That’s why we offer comprehensive birth doula services that encompass education, emotional support, and physical assistance. Our certified doulas are equipped with the knowledge and skills to educate expectant parents on the birthing process, from understanding labor stages to exploring pain management options. We believe in empowering families with information, allowing them to make informed decisions that align with their birth plan and personal preferences.

Beyond the wealth of knowledge we provide, our doulas are dedicated to offering unwavering emotional support throughout the childbirth journey. We stand by our clients as a pillar of strength and encouragement, ensuring they feel heard, respected, and comforted during this significant life event. Our physical support is just as integral, with hands-on assistance during labor to help manage discomfort and promote a positive birthing experience. At Michigan Family Doulas, we’re not just service providers; we’re compassionate partners in your family’s birth story, committed to nurturing a safe, memorable, and joyous arrival for your newest member.


At Michigan Family Doulas, we are deeply committed to supporting families during the critical postpartum period. Our Brighton postpartum doula services are thoughtfully designed to provide comprehensive education, unwavering emotional support, and attentive physical assistance. We understand that the transition to parenthood can be overwhelming, which is why our certified doulas are here to guide you through every step.

From demonstrating early signs of hunger in your newborn to assisting with feeding techniques, we ensure you are well-equipped with the knowledge to care for your little one. Our doulas are also trained to offer emotional reassurance, affirming your parenting choices and bolstering your confidence as you navigate this new chapter.

Physical support is a cornerstone of our service, as we believe in the importance of nurturing the entire family. Whether it’s helping with meal preparation, providing light housekeeping, or simply offering a comforting presence, our doulas are there to make your postpartum experience as smooth and stress-free as possible. We take pride in our ability to adapt to your family’s unique needs, ensuring that you have the space and support to bond with your baby.

With Michigan Family Doulas by your side, you can rest assured that you’re not alone on this journey—we’re here to uphold your well-being and celebrate the joy of your growing family.

Embark on your search for the perfect doula with our caring, expert team at Michigan Family Doulas. We’re equipped to provide the nurturing support necessary for a rewarding childbirth experience.

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