JODI LONG postpartum doula

Meet the Doula (Agency Owner) Jodi Long

Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula and Infant Care Specialist, Nutritionist & Childbirth Educator

Jodi has been actively working as a birth and postpartum doula since 1999. She is a clinical nutritionist and Bradley Method educator as well as an RYT 200 yoga instructor. Jodi is passionate about women’s health throughout their reproductive life cycle. 

Jodi began studying nursing and became a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in 1996…. but went running and screaming away from it after getting her start in Oncology.

Soon after, she switched gears and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree and then a Master’s in Naturopathy + Nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health (2000).

Jodi bought her first doula agency in 2012 and according to Jodi, “It felt a lot like herding cats. The independent contractors and my business partner. Lots of stuff went well…..more went wrong. And I recognized that it was time for a change.”

After selling that agency in 2018, Jodi reinvented herself with clarity and a new vision.

That is when Michigan Family Doulas was born!

Jodi is truly grateful to do what she is passionate about with professionalism, integrity and love!

Jodi certified as a birth doula in 1998 with the Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. For over 22 years, she has worked to empower women to take their birthing experiences and their postpartum health into their own hands. Jodi became a doula before many knew what the word even meant!

Her passion has always been to support families of all shapes and sizes on this incredible, and often intimidating, journey into parenthood. In 2004, after the birth of her second daughter, she suffered from clinical postpartum depression and realized the great gap in postpartum care that exists in this country.  Jodi is a Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula with Prodoula as well as a Professional Affiliate Instructor with the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth (  She is a mom of 2 (nearly) grown daughters and one spoiled Corgy.  In her free time, you can find Jodi on her yoga mat, working out, or in her kayak on one of Michgan’s many lakes. She is a clinical nutritionist and a trained Herbalist with Dr. Aviva Romm, MD.

 Jodi talks about her own postpartum experiences: 

‘I gave birth to my first baby as a single mom in September of 1998.

It was one of those crazy, no idea what the “F” I’m doing, every intervention known to man, kind of births. I begged for an epidural and was denied one. I ended up with a 4th degree tear/episiotomy…

This experience left me feeling like there must be another way and I set out on my path to become a postpartum doula.

That was more than 20 years ago!

I had my 2nd daughter in 2004.

This time with a midwife and doula in tow. I labored in the shower at the hospital, and in between contractions I nourished and hydrated my body. I had all the things I wanted and none of the things I didn’t.

And then… I had postpartum depression.

True. Clinical. Hardcore Postpartum depression.

And on top of that, I was shamed for it. My midwife wanted to help me, but she simply didn’t have the resources. When I finally went to a therapist, she called an ambulance and forced me to go to the hospital. Once there, the doctor thought I was so absurd that he wouldn’t even come in to see me…

I didn’t get any real help. No medication. No counseling. And so, I just muddled through.

The best I could do for myself was hire a nanny. She was sympathetic to what I was experiencing and that made her very similar to postpartum doula care. I needed her. I needed a compassionate woman who understood me and who was patient enough to recognize my changing emotions and my physical needs. I learned that the right support truly makes a difference.

These two unique experiences have truly fueled my passion for this work and are what keep me focused on providing the families of Michigan Family Doulas with the most skilled and compassionate doula care team in the industry. They are truly magical doulas. ‘

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