Meet the Doula-Khadijah Bansfield

Khadijah is an AMANI certified doula and childbirth educator, a birth assistant, and a student midwife. She has lived abroad for many years where she became a doula in 2012 and attended dozens of births and raised childbirth education awareness to hundreds of women. Khadijah is very passionate about advocating for women’s rights, especially childbirth rights and raising awareness about the importance of postpartum care. One of her favorite sayings are ” It take a village to raise a child, but a community of love and support to raise a mother.”

She has attended many conferences and workshops and has had the pleasure of meeting popular birth icons like midwives Ina May Gaskin and Gail Tully, and pediatrician and breastfeeding specialist Dr. Jack Newman.

She is currently working on a couple of projects as a presenter for an online birth conference and an ambassador for the VBAC Summit alongside founder of Naturelle VBAC(UK).

Khadijah resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan with her five children. In her spare time, you can find her baking, reading and doing her best to make a difference in the birth world.

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