Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation!

Michigan's Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists

Postpartum Placenta Encapsulation!

Michigan's Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialists

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We only encapsulate your placenta in the comfort & safety of your home:

Our postpartum placenta specialists are trained and certified by the most rigorous safety standards available in the United States. Before we begin, we will sit with you to explain the process from start to finish. We also leave you with detailed instructions for use of your placenta capsules.

For now, the evidence for the benefits of placenta consumption is anecdotal. However, the reports from many individuals who have ingested their placentas are overwhelmingly positive.

  • Decreased postpartum bleeding
  • Decreased incidence of iron deficient anemia (placentas contain more iron than beef!)
  • Increased Energy
  • A decrease in the incidence of baby blues
  • A decrease in the incidence of postpartum depression
  • Improvement in the overall sense of well-being
Nourish yourself.

Your placenta is full of nutrients and beneficial hormones to support your healing postpartum.

The research on placenta encapsulation and safety standards:

What does the clinical research say? There are no randomized, controlled, trials or human studies on the benefits of placenta encapsulation, at this time. What does exist are many animal studies show the benefits of placental consumption in mammals.


In addition to current certification, our specialists renew their certifications in bloodborne pathogens (meets the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard) and safe food handling annually. We are current and up to date on the rigorous standards of health and safety set forth by OSHA and the EPA to ensure that the process is done safely and properly at all times.

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