Nourishing Postpartum Nutrition


Nourishing Postpartum Nutrition


postpartum meal planning

What's on your plate postpartum?

Imagine if every postpartum meal, snack and beverage placed in front of you was properly balanced to enable a speedy and healthy post birth recovery.

Imagine beautiful, freshly prepared foods made in your kitchen by a skilled nutritionist and postpartum doula expert who understands your physical and emotional needs and designs your meals to support those needs.

Our expert nutrition support for your postpartum recovery will nourish and support your transition to parenthood.

Picture this:

I arrive at 8am to find you looking a bit disheveled and bouncing your crying baby on your knee in an effort to soothe him.

The look in my eye tells you it is ok to give me the baby. With sincere gratitude, you go take a glorious shower and a nap.

Once your baby is settled I turn on the white noise machine and before long, he is sleeping peacefully.

I clean the kitchen from the night before and I think to myself, why didn’t I have someone like me when I had my babies…

I open your fridge to find a bag of grapes, a dozen eggs, some Chinese food containers, and expired leftovers in tupperware that are begging me to empty them, wash them and put them away.

so I do...

It's like magic!

Postpartum meal plans designed for optimal nutrition and recovery.

Next, I get the menu situated for the week, and place an order for the ingredients to be delivered so that I can prepare each meal. I base each day's postpartum meal plan on:

  • A balance of good, healthy fats, carbohydrates & proteins
  • Essential fatty acids in every meal-for tissue regeneration and healing.
  • Appropriate vitamin & mineral content. Our best chance to properly absorb vitamins and minerals for healing is through food. Each day you will get vitamin A, C, B6 + B12, zinc, selenium, vitamin D3 & more!
  • Variety of nutrition to help your body heal-whether you have had a cesarean or you’ve delivered naturally-we all need to heal. It’s a LOT to ask of your body!

The groceries arrive and I begin prepping all of the protein. I cook it and store it for easy reheating. I start a pot of soup, I build a casserole for the freezer, and then I start working on the evening’s meal and a batch of oatmeal pancakes for your breakfast with your toddler in the morning.

I am prepping for the entire week ahead. I’ve made it easy for you to have a grab and go snack, reheat some soup, pop a casserole in the oven to bake, and even have a warm nutritious breakfast.

postpartum nutrition planning
postpartum meal plan
postpartum meal plans