Postpartum Doula Packages


Postpartum Doula Packages


It has been said that Postpartum Doulas are magical creatures. While we are just ordinary humans (we promise!), we do recognize that the magic we weave into your first weeks as a new family is truly extraordinary.

At Michigan Family Doulas, we are repeatedly told how significantly we impact our clients during the first days, weeks and months post birth.

What if we told you that YOU were the supernatural source? That the doula’s role is to help you find, and develop the parenting powers that live within you?!

That is exactly what you can expect with the support of your Michigan Family Doula.

Our most popular package!

Extended Care Postpartum Doula Magic

Extended doula care magic is for both now and later! Engage the support of Michigan Family Postpartum Doulas for a minimum of 500 hours and you’ll have the baby’s entire first year of life to use the hours!

Most families use a pretty good chunk of their hours early on. They use them for daytime hours to get systems in place that align with their philosophies, and overnight hours to catch up on rest to enable a faster recovery.

Once clients feel a sense of stability, they use the remaining hours at times when they need an extra pair of trusted hands, such as attending an event, travel, or a parent with a health issue.

Extended doula care magic means knowing you have the support you need until your baby is at one year old. This popular package enables absolute peace of mind and comfort as new parents.

Design your own support package.

Intermittent Care Postpartum Doula Magic

Intermittent care doula magic is for new families that have specific needs. They want a particular amount of support hours for a particular number of weeks.

Michigan Family Postpartum Doulas builds intermittent care doula packages based on your specifications! Let’s say you want 4-5 hours per day, 3 days per week for 6 weeks. We’ll say, GREAT! We can accommodate that.

Let’s say you want 8-hour nights, 5 days per week for the first 4 weeks. We’ll say, GREAT! We can accommodate that.

Let’s say you want 200 hours to be used over the 6 months. We’ll say, GREAT! We can accommodate that.

See where we’re going here? YOU decide what YOU want, and WE accommodate it! That is intermittent care doula magic for the ultimate postpartum & newborn
care experience!

Postpartum magic for your first week.

5-Day Live-in Care Postpartum Doula Experience

Our live-in postpartum doula package is for families who want an immersive support experience in their first week of parenthood for a confident beginning.

You’ve just given birth and spent 2 glorious days in the hospital bonding with your baby and ringing the call bell any time you have a question or a need. And now, you’re going home.

If you are anything like the rest of our clients, your first thought when you pull out of the hospital’s driveway will be, “Oh my gosh. Are they really letting us leave with this baby?!?! We don’t even know what we’re doing!”

The truth is, you will figure it out. But, you don’t have to do it alone!!!! You can hire 5 magical days of a live-in Postpartum & Newborn Care doula from Michigan Family Doulas! Yes. We will come and stay with you for five consecutive 24-hour periods - day & night! You will have the ULTIMATE 5-day recovery experience!