Tree Town Taco Tuesday!

This is a super easy, crowd pleasing, home-run recipe. It’s great on a Tuesday (or any day) because it’s a fast meal that everyone can customize to their likes. It packs plenty of protein, good fats, carbs and extra fiber. Yes, you need that. Trust me….you need that.


1lb ground turkey (choose organic), 1 med white/yellow onion, 1TBSP ground cumin, 2-3TBSP salsa of choice (I like something sugar free that’s kinda saucy for this recipe), 1/4C water, 1 large ripe avocado, soft or hard taco shells (or both if you have a split household on this one) 1 can organic black beans, 1 small container sour cream, shredded lettuce or slaw (your choice), 1 bag shredded cheese (or we just hand grate cheese from a block) or if you’re dairy free, you can buy a bag of dairy alternative cheese. It doesn’t melt the same, but they don’t taste terrible and will work for this recipe. Keep the salsa handy for serving.


Finely chop the onion and set aside. Go 1-2 x around the skillet with your cooking oil. Then, begin to brown the ground turkey. Start chopping the turkey into smaller pieces as it cooks. Just as things are beginning to look brown, add the onion and ground cumin. Continue to brown in skillet. Just before the meat is cooked, add in 1/4C water and the salsa and continue to cook much (but not all) of the water out of the pan. Turn on low and prepare your taco shells-either soft or hard.

Cut your avocado in half and remove the pit. Take off the skin and slice into 1/2in strips on a plate to serve with the tacos.

Add drained black beans to a separate pan and begin to warm. They don’t need to ‘cook’ just get warmed up.

Now, everyone can put the toppings they like on their tacos and enjoy! A crowd pleaser, for sure 🙂 I personally like to add black beans, salsa, avocado and top with a small bit of sour cream. That’s my fav!

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