Sweet Treats Postpartum

Sweet treats

The beauty of this treat is that it’s just slightly sweet because of the blueberries….but there is no sugar and NO guilt! Plus, your immune system will be happy. This is currently my favorite guilty pleasure


1C organic, GF quick cooking oats

1C shredded, no sugar added raw coconut

1Tbsp ground flax seed

1tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp chopped raw cacao. (not powdered)

2Tbsp organic blueberries

1 can coconut cream (must be cream, nothing else works!)

2Tbsp coconut oil (I use MCT oil-because it’s always liquid)

1C nut butter of choice. I prefer a mixed nut butter + seeds with almond, chia, cashews, pumpkin, etc. You can use whatever you prefer.

*can also add sprinkle of cinnamon cinnamon for extra flavor

In a small bowl, empty the can of coconut cream. Using a hand, stick blender, gently blend the coconut cream (water and all) until creamy consistency. Only takes 4-6 zaps with the blender. Cover and store in fridge.

In a medium sized bowl, add all the dry ingredients. (Reserve the blueberries and cinnamon for the end)


Add vanilla extract. If you really need something sweet, a tsp of RAW honey can go in last as you’re stirring everything together. Add nut butter and oil. Stir all together until it’s mixed. Can place in fridge to let it set up overnight.

Put a few scoops of the granola mixture in a dish, top with 2 scoops of coconut cream. The cream should now be the consistency of dairy based cream—but so much better for you!. Top the whole thing with a handful of blueberries. Voila!

Yum! This totally satisfies my sweet tooth, but doesn’t mess up my immune system during a time when I absolutely need it to be strong!

Happy, healthy Spring to you all!

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